Fire Engineering

Your safety is our  priority.

Consistent Approach

At Bluett & O’Donoghue Architects, we offer Fire Engineering design services and we can ensure that applications for Planning Permission and Fire Safety Certificates run hand in hand and that there is full consistency between them.

The requirement for Fire Safety Certificates for most new building types makes it crucial that there is a rigorous and systematic approach to fire safety from the outset of design. This also makes for cost effective solutions, efficient Project Management and reduces the need for changes to the design or Variations to the Contract during the course of construction.

Integrated Service

As lead consultant and Project Manager, we also have in house fire engineering expertise   to advise the client on fire safety issues throughout the duration of the project. We incorporate a fire engineering strategy which is sympathetic to the overall concept from the earliest stages of planning and design. This holds true both for new buildings and for the upgrading of fire safety in existing buildings.

Bluett & O’Donoghue Architects specialise in the integration of fire engineering into many building types including historic buildings.  We have a strong track record of marrying best practice in Architecture and Conservation with fire safety requirements to achieve an outcome which is sensitive to the character of the historic structure.


BLUETT & O’DONOGHUE ARCHITECTS practice in Fire Engineering is managed by:

Peter Bluett
B.Arch.Sc., Dip.Arch., M.Sc.
(Fire Eng.), FRIAI, MI(Fire)E. MIEI