Ayrfield Estate Kilkenny / Architecture, Fire Engineering, Residential Architecture


The development is part of overall comprehensive edge of City Centre development at Ayrfield/Lord Edward Street, that included 74 residential units and a creche. The overall estate was nominated for a 2009 Lama Award. the Kilkenny Borough Council element includes 13 social residential units. All units are of own door type with a range of one, two, three and four bedroom sizes. The units were built in line with lifetime sustainable design requirements to a high standard of finish and insulation levels in line with Kilkenny Borough Council social housing requirements and within Budget. To reduce vandalism, overlooking and defensible space design is incorporated into the semi private open space. A pedestrian way links through to Granges Road. High efficiency combination boilers were fitted giving instant hot water. The housing is in a sustainable location, close to city centre and within walking distance of services, shops and schools. The building design includes the use of timber windows sourced from sustainable Nordic forests.